„Raided Land“ documentary OUT NOW!!!

Here it is… the documentary for the 10th anniversary of our „Raided Land“ album made by our bass player André Hort . With this documentary we want to give not only fans and interested people an insight into the reunion of HUMAN FORTRESS and the production of „Raided Land„. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who made this comeback and this album possible in the first place, such as AFM Records , GREENMAN STUDIOS – Sebastian „Seeb“ Levermann, Michael Bormann , Mat Sinner , Christoph Speidel , Kristijan Kuliš , Timo Hoffmann , Jannic Chopty , Sven Wenige …and everyone we have forgotten here. For us, this album is very important and a milestone in our discography.

It’s in german language but with a lot of different subtitles like english, potuguese, italian and more…

What do you think of the documentary or the „Raided Land“ album?

Write it in the comments.

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